Natural movement

Part of the new trend « Natural movement », Animal move is an entirely bodyweight based training using the quadruped position, as animals do.

Moving on all fours, in all sorts of variations, necessarily involves the entire body, thereby allowing :
– an even distribution of the forces on the whole body
– a natural readjustment of the posture
– a dynamic core stabilisation
– a harmonious musculature and a balanced silhouette
– a better coordination

The practice is based on listening to the body, understanding of the movement, awakening of the senses, fun and playfulness.

Animal move is aimed at all lovers and professionals of body movement, whether as a main activity or as a supplement to another practice. A regular training improves performance, or just keeps in good physical and mental shape. It can, in some cases, help cure dyslexia and back pains.

Come and try every Thursday at 7pm


Animal Flow
Some of the basic figures of the Animal Flow practice.

Wave is at the centre of all movements (of the serpent, four-footed and two-footed animals).

On all four
Some typical four-footed animals.

Crab is the prototype of the reversed four-footed animal facing the sky.

For the fun and pleasure, simple dancing steps are transposing the waves into the standing position.

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