Animalmove is a body practice based on animal movements.

The horizontal position, mostly on all fours, revives the patterns of the basic motor function and strengthens the deep muscle chains. It demands a full involvement and brings fluidity and the power of flow.

Animalmove is aimed at all lovers and professionals of body movement for whom physicality is the royal road to personal growth and self-awareness. Practicing Animalmove can also be a simple way to stay in a good physical and mental shape. The practice can help cure diseases and injuries such as back and joint pains, dyslexia or breakdowns.


The exercises of Animalmove follow three stages: on the floor, on all four, standing.

The stage ”on the floor” allows the body to lay on the floor. The referenced animals are for example the snake, the lizard or the earthworm. The work focuses on waves of the spine – front and side – as well as rolling.

By moving “on all four” the body is off the floor, supported by the fore and hind limbs. Referenced animals are for example cat, crab, rabbit, monkey, etc.

Moving in the vertical standing position uses the same patterns than moving on all four. What has been worked out horizontally is transposed on two legs by different dancing steps. The coordination is more complex and includes rhythm and musicality.